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No, a water softener is a great first step into water filtration but only removes the hardness. A whole house filter removes impurity’s from your water to give you drinking quality water from every faucet in your home. A water softener and whole house filter are normally paired together for great water.

Every year you should be changing your reverse osmosis filters and testing the membrane, sanitize your holding tank and make sure you have enough air pressure in your holding tank.

Your water softener has wearable parts in it. You should plan on servicing your softener every 3-5 years to prevent untimely break downs.

The best way is to get your water tested but the will be some signs. Your soap may not lather up as good as it once did, you will see some white build-up around your shower head, or you may notice more then usual water marks on your dishes after you wash them

We always recommend using all natural solar salt, it comes in the blue bags. If you have iron in your water and no iron filter, you should use a green bag of salt mixed in to help remove the iron buildup.

The biggest differences is size. The units you can buy from the stores are small and compact. which does not let them wash themselves out properly and leads to a shorter lifespan. The units we install are taller which allow the media to properly lift and wash everything out.

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Jason is great. Informative & friendly. Thanks for getting us all set up with soft water & filtration!
Janice Anderson
It's great to have someone you can count on for doing honest work at a fair price. Thank you for all that you do Jason.
Pam Artmann
Had Jason replace my water softener last month. He has been great to work with from the beginning from providing me with the quotes to answering all the questions to finally completing a successful installation.
Sibu Mathew

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